Our Members

Members of SAACCON are representative of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s interests in Closing the Gap as they are directly involved in the delivery and monitoring of services to their communities and families across South Australia.

All Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations in South Australia, with responsibility for Closing the Gap, are strongly encouraged to become a member of SAACCON. 

Membership enquiries can be directed to SAACCON’s Secretariat at contact@saaccon.org.au

Who are we?


The Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Council (ADAC) is the peak body in South Australia for Aboriginal alcohol and other drug services. ADAC’s mission is to ensure the development of effective programs to reduce harm related to alcohol and other drugs (AOD) use in Aboriginal communities in South Australia.


Aboriginal Family Support Services Limited (AFSS) has been serving South Australian Aboriginal communities for 40 years. Our key role has always been to ensure that Aboriginal communities and organisations are involved in matters relating to child protection.


Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia Limited (AHCSA) is the Peak Body representing Aboriginal Community Controlled Health and Substance Misuse Services in South Australia. Our primary role is to be the ‘health voice’ for all Aboriginal people in South Australia by advocating for the Community and providing support for Aboriginal health programs


The Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement (ALRM) can help you with civil and criminal legal matters. ALRM is an independent organisation governed by an all-Aboriginal board and has offices in Adelaide, Ceduna, Port Augusta and Port Lincoln.

Aboriginal Sobriety Group Indigenous Corporation provides services for the greater Adelaide Metropolitan area and the Riverland.

Aboriginal Sobriety Group Indigenous Corporation (ASG) is a not-for-profit organisation providing care and support to individuals, families and communities who wish to lead a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle. 


Family Violence Legal Service Aboriginal Corporation (SA) – FVLSAC – is a free community legal service assisting Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander victim/ survivors of family violence and/or sexual assault in the State of South Australia. We work with families and communities affected by violence.


First Nations of South Australia Aboriginal Corporation, is a registered Aboriginal corporation which provides a forum to consider and advance matters of interest to all Aboriginal people in South Australia, including but not limited to native title. It provides strong and representative voice and leadership at a statewide level for First Nations.


InComPro is an Aboriginal community-based organisation providing culturally driven services for Aboriginal people. InComPro’s registration as an NDIS Provider enables us to deliver quality, culturally-centred care to people with a disability in a variety of settings, including Supported Independent Living (SIL), In-home support and Outreach. InComPro also provides support to carers through the Kinship Care Program, the Aboriginal Youth Mentoring Program and to our Elders.


Kornar Winmil Yunti Aboriginal Corporation delivers specialised and customised programs focusing on domestic and family violence, child protection, homelessness and social and emotional well-being. KWY’s priority is to improve the safety of Aboriginal women and children by providing culturally appropriate services that break the cycle of domestic violence and stem the flow of Aboriginal children into the child protection systems.


Kura Yerlo offers a range of programs to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Community that are age, gender and culturally appropriate. Kura Yerlo enhances connections to culture through community access, cultural events, the arts and artefact making, and one on one support.


The Mobile Language Team takes a community-first approach to its work. Our work is guided by best-practice protocols for the maintenance and preservation of South Australian Aboriginal Languages and cultural heritage materials.


The Narungga Nation Aboriginal Corporation (NNAC) was formed to represent the Narungga people. The NNAC works to advance the interests of the Narungga people and negotiated the landmark Buthera Agreement with the South Australian government


NPY Women’s Council is led by women’s law, authority and culture to deliver health, social and cultural services for all Anangu. Our Services include Ngangkari Traditional Healers, child & family well-being services, youth services, domestic & family violence services and Tjungu Aged & Disability services.


NREC – NREC is the connector between the community, corporate and government bodies. We are the communities’ ears, listening to every Ngarrindjeri person and their desires for community and transforming this into the voice that is needed in government. We were created by Ngarrindjeri, for Ngarrindjeri.


Nunga Mi:Minar is a not-for-profit specialist service supporting women and their children who are living with, or escaping family violence. With over 40 years of sector experience, our uniqueness is that our service is governed, managed and delivered by Aboriginal women for Aboriginal women and their children.


Nunkuwarrin Yunti is committed to leading the way in the design and delivery of contemporary culturally based health, social and emotional wellbeing services to build a healthy Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

NINI is an Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation dedicated to promoting self-determination and providing culturally safe treatments, trauma-informed approaches, strength-based interventions, and therapeutic services to Indigenous people and organisations.

NINI help people see and achieve an improvement in their life by providing culturally appropriate support, giving them the understanding and the skills to see and realise short-term and longer-term goals. The client’s idea of the life they want becomes a shared aspiration that we help them achieve.

NINIs aims and objectives is to work with Indigenous communities and organisations to Close the Gap.


Pangula Mannamurna Aboriginal Corporation is an Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (ACCHO) providing primary healthcare to communities in Mount Gambier and surrounding areas since 2004.


Port Lincoln Aboriginal Health Service Inc. is an Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (ACCHO) providing primary healthcare to Port Lincoln and surrounding areas since 1993.


The South Australian Aboriginal Education and Training Consultative Council (SAAETCC) is the peak body responsible for engaging with Aboriginal people and community on education matters in South Australia. We work to support improved educational opportunities and achievements of Aboriginal people in South Australia.


SANTS assists Aboriginal people in South Australia to gain recognition and to protect their native title rights and interests, delivering a range of services to Aboriginal Nations to achieve their social, cultural and economic aspirations. We are an independent not-for-profit company, governed by a majority Aboriginal Board of Directors.


Established in 2016, the South Australian Stolen Generations Aboriginal Corporation recognises, represents and supports Stolen Generations survivors in South Australia. We play a major role in ensuring a positive future of community, connection and support for the Stolen Generations community and their descendants.


Since 1973, Tauondi Aboriginal College has provided leadership in Aboriginal Vocational Education and Training. Tauondi also provides a diverse and wide range of services to meet the ever-changing needs of the Aboriginal Communities in South Australia. Tauondi is increasingly regarded as the preeminent provider of education, training and employment services to Aboriginal people in South Australia.

wiri strengthens the Aṉangu community through providing social support programs, cultural and arts activities and employment  opportunities. We want our young people to be strong in their language and culture and to take up opportunities to work for our community. 

Iwiṟi was established by Aṉangu in 2018, many of whom had been forced to move to Adelaide due to chronic health conditions and lack of services in their home communities. Living far from their traditional homelands, Anangu were concerned about the cultural and social isolation they were experiencing and saw a need to act.  Iwiri was formed initially to help retain, promote and transmit Anangu culture and language through the areas of arts, language, knowledge and community. Since then Iwiṟi has grown rapidly into an organization that delivers a range of programs that aim to strengthen and advance Aṉangu wellbeing.